We’re putting bleach out of business. We believe that the products you clean with should be safer than what you’re cleaning up.

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iClean® mini turns tap water into a safe, highly effective cleaner and sanitizer.

It's stronger than bleach and kills up to 99.999% of the toughest germs and viruses. It removes dirt and stains. It kills mold, mildew and the bacteria that causes odors. iClean mini can safely sanitize your kitchen counters, your produce and your kids’ toys.

It uses only water, science and a replaceable ozone cartridge, it’s backed by the world’s leading experts and it’s been applied widely by industry for more than 100 years.

Here's How

Burning eyes and dry hands got you worried?

Chemicals may be toxic to germs, but they’re also toxic to you, your kids, your pets and the trees in your backyard. iClean mini wipes out those harsh chemicals.

Looking for a portable fix?

Traditional cleaning products just don’t travel well. Wipes dry out, spritzers clog and bottles always leak. iClean mini packs up clean and easy.

Running out of under-sink space?

If you’ve got a different chemical for every germ, stain, mold and odor, you’re doing it all wrong. iClean mini can replace a dozen or more bulky plastic bottles.

Covered by the best. Trusted by the rest.