In What We Do and Who We Are

terra [earth/land], sano [healthy]

Why Sustainability Matters to Us

Earth is heating. Resources are depleting. The stakes are rising. We have responded. 

Tersano is diligently bringing awareness to the needs of our environment and responding with actionable plans that produce measurable results.

It’s no secret that a significant contributor to climate change is the modernization and globalization of business and manufacturing. Mass production, trade, resource procurement, and development all contribute to our present-day scarcity of resources – but with the right innovations, they don’t have to.

By specializing in sustainable innovation, Tersano’s mission is to protect, preserve, and promote the well-being of the environment through the products we sell and the business we do.

Our mission is to provide individuals with the solution to clean, work, and live more sustainably. We lead by example with our day-to-day operations and the values we hold at the core of our business.

Our Sustainability Strategy

Our strategy is simple: putting the earth first in everything we do. Our approach to sustainability will confront today’s most pressing environmental issues, from water conservation to climate change, pollution, and plastic waste.

Our sustainability strategy encompasses our environmental, social and governance (ESG) priorities deeply rooted in our mission. See how we work towards our goals through Environmental Stewardship, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Sustainable Innovation.