iClean mini Cartridges (4-Pack)

USD $39

iClean mini Refill Cartridges will keep your device performing like new. To guarantee you’re getting the maximum ozone in every spray, replace your cartridge every three months (or 4L of water).

A fresh cartridge will improve your cleaning power and protect the diamond core inside your iClean mini. Replacement will help the iClean mini properly sanitize and deodorize.

Contains 4 cartridges for one year supply.

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  • Provide 15% more soil removal versus aqueous ozone alone
  • Protects the cell so that device lasts longer
  • Filters minerals in tap water
  • Easy-to-use: install and replace in seconds
  • Single pack of cartridges lasts a year

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Filters minerals in tap water

Copper, calcium, magnesium and sodium can get in the way of your super sanitized home. Regularly replacing your cartridge ensures you’re cleaning to your full potential.

Installs in seconds

We made the iClean mini refill cartridges easy-to-use, just like the rest of the device. Just open the reservoir, pull down the cartridge to disengage, push the new cartridge up and onto the notch, then replace the reservoir.

A single pack lasts a full year

No need to visit us every few weeks. We’ll talk to you after your next birthday.

Protects the cell

Your iClean mini has been designed for a long, durable life. Regularly replacing your cartridge is the only maintenance it needs.