Our People, Our Future

Tersano recognizes the impact that environmental instability has on humankind. By Changing the Way the World Cleans, we aim to protect the earth’s most precious resources, like water, air, and land to ensure more resources for all.

At Tersano, we respect nature by giving more to the environment than we take so that one day, poverty and inequality can be relics of the past. Protecting resources for the betterment of humanity is a core value of our business, made possible through our vigilant and open-minded Corporate Social Responsibility.


Improved Air Quality

Our mission is to eliminate the negative physical health impacts of cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing by replacing harmful chemicals of concern with our certified-safe SAO® solution. By providing the world with a safer alternative to traditional cleaning products, we are helping homes and businesses achieve better air quality and healthier living and working conditions.

Clean Water Access

Climate change and pollution are swiftly becoming the greatest threats to the availability of fresh water on our planet. With the innovation of SAO, Tersano is eliminating the impact that harmful cleaning chemicals have on water quality by providing a more responsible way to clean, sanitize, and deodorize. As a toxic-free solution that reverts to water and oxygen after use, SAO is protecting, preserving, and promoting water quality worldwide by keeping polluting chemicals out.

Ethical Trade

We are committed to ethical trade and strive to ensure all workers throughout our global supply chain are treated with equality, dignity, and respect. Tersano is vigilant in ensuring there shall be no forced, bonded, or involuntary labor within our organization and throughout our supply and distribution chain. Our commitment to ethical trade encompasses our process of selecting distributors and service providers to ensure compliance with our moral, social, and environmental responsibilities.


Tersano is a longtime supporter of Healthy Child, Healthy World and supports its work to shape policy that better protects our children’s health and ensures safer alternatives exist for almost every toxic product on the store shelf.



As a business maintaining future-first thinking and acting, Tersano is a strong advocate for children’s health and seeks to contribute to local initiatives that support their futures wherever we can. We are proud community partners of the Windsor-Essex (W.E.) Care for Kids Foundation, an organization that supports pediatric funding in the Windsor-Essex community.


Women in Leadership Roles

Tersano appreciates the value women bring to the workplace and honors the importance of gender equality and inclusivity in all we do. We are proud of our progressive approach to gender equality, and our reputation for promoting women into leadership roles reflects this. To date, Tersano comprises our corporate office with 53% women, all highly valued and many of whom are in critical leadership roles within our organization.

Diversity and Inclusion

At Tersano, we understand and appreciate the necessity of having a diverse and inclusive company culture. We believe individuals of varying backgrounds have unique perspectives that create solid teams when combined. We not only have zero tolerance for discrimination but celebrate our differences and encourage what each valued employee brings to the table at which everyone has a seat and a voice.