Switching from traditional cleaning products to SAO® is an efficient and effective way to bolster your CSR and sustainability programs and qualifies your business for accreditations from highly-respected organizations like LEED and WELL. If your business is searching for ways to enhance your ESG, SAO is your solution.

Join us in Changing the Way the World Cleans and share our commitment to sustainability.

Strengthen Your Sustainability with SAO

LEED Accredited

LEED is a world-renowned sustainability organization that specializes in granting businesses with green building certifications. SAO qualifies your organization for LEED points and accreditation.

WELL Accredited

WELL specializes in rewarding businesses with certifications for meeting exceptional standards in areas like air quality and dedicating attention to the finite details that make the buildings we work in healthy, safe, and clean. SAO qualifies your business for WELL accreditation.

Green Key Vendor & Influencer

Green Key Global is a leading international environmental certification body designed to help hotels reach sustainability goals through standardized programs and resources. As an official Green Key Vendor and Influencer, tersano’s cleaning technologies support the sustainability ratings of Green Key Global members.

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Tersano’s next-generation SAO dispensers will have telemetrics & IoT capabilities with the iClean Dashboard. Clients will be able to track usage, manage inventory and calculate how many litres of traditional harsh chemicals have been kept out of our planet, and replaced with safe & biodegradable SAO!

Join the Change

Are you ready to change the way you clean using SAO? Contact us today and join our mission to eliminate the impact that cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing have on people and planet by making the switch to SAO.