Woodley Acres Pet Resort

“Our facility offers luxury suites, kitty condos, and of course, playrooms and play yards for our canine guests,” explains Ben Royal, co-owner and general manager of the Woodley Acres Pet Resort. “There are smudges, paw marks, grime—virtually any type of dirt in and around the facility to be cleaned up.” To combat all the messes found in their Pet Care centre, Woodley Acres uses simple, safe, sustainable Tersano SAO to clean, sanitize, and deodorize the facility without toxic chemicals.

Created on-demand using an advanced technology, Tersano SAO starts as tap water, is converted into a cleaner and sanitizer for up to 24 hours, and then reverts safely back to tap water. SAO is produced in large volumes from a wall-mounted dispenser, as well as in a handheld device called the iClean® mini.

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When used as directed, the Tersano SAO system:

  • Offers kennel owners a safe way to clean, kill germs, and reduce the odors in their facilities;
  • Kills 99.99% of harmful germs — including the virus that causes COVID-19 as well as many other transmittable bacteria;
  • Kills over 99.44% of Canine Parvovirus
  • Is produced on-demand eliminating the need to continually purchase harmful chemicals and sanitizers;
  • Is safe for use around people, planet, and pets

We at Woodley Acres Pet Resort believe in providing a happy, healthy, and safe place for all our pets. With SAO, we fulfill that mission by removing toxic cleaning chemicals from our facility.

Ben Royal
Co-Owner and General Manager
Woodley Acres Pet Resort, Indian Head, Saskatchewan, Canada


Woodley Acres Pet Resort employs a staff of 8 to care for up to 40 dogs per day in their 2,500 square foot facility. Opened in 2016, the Resort offers outdoor play yards, indoor play rooms, grooming, boarding, doggy daycare and a retail shop. The facility sports a large public area for check-in and a kitchen for staff. With so many pets in their care, staff education, odor control and cleanliness is paramount to running a successful pet care centre and keeping the pets healthy. “There is virtually no odor in our centre — which is unheard of in this business,” notes Royal. “Often our customers comment on how clean the facility is.”


Royal opened the pet resort knowing he wanted the healthiest, most sustainable facility possible. “I did a lot of research before we opened — I wanted safety for the dogs and safety for my staff. We heard about Tersano and how you can clean safely around animals, gave it a try, and we love it. We use it to clean virtually everything — without worrying about burns on the dogs’ paws from cleaning chemicals.”

Royal even uses SAO to clean his home: “I believe in it! We have the handheld iClean mini to clean our home. My family loves it.”