iClean® FLO₃

US $900

Installed in minutes, iClean FLO₃ converts tap water into a cleaner on demand for various in-line applications, reducing labor with an automatic system.

With no harmful chemicals, iClean FLO3 reduces risks associated with traditional cleaning products and is safe for use in food-handling environments.*

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  • Converts tap water into aqueous ozone in-line and on demand for various applications.
  • Indicator lights communicate when device is ready and ozonating.
  • Simple installation, low maintenance.

Dimensions: 5.2" x 4.1" x 6.9"
Net Weight: 1.17 lbs
Flow Rate: 1-8 L/min


Ice Machines

Helps reduce ice machine risks by preventing the formation of biofilms in ice machine lines and holding bins.


Converts cold water into a powerful solution in-line for laundering, helping reduce chemicals and hot water usage.


Promotes a longer-lasting vase life of flowers and plants by reducing risks of early decay on cut stems.

"The benefits have been many: simplified processes, improved cleaning performance, and most importantly, healthier, longer-lasting flowers."

— James A. Fancsy, Owner, I&F Design



Effectively cleans wine bottle lines, faucets, tanks, barrels, and equipment without harmful chemicals or residues.


Cleans and maintains cleanliness of fermentation tanks, bottles, bottle lines, draft beer towers, and more.

Soda Fountains

Reduces soda fountain risks by effectively cleaning lines, nozzles, diffusers, and BIB connectors without harsh chemicals.


Rinses away contaminants and helps promote an extended shelf life of produce while supporting cleanliness, freshness, and quality.


Helps control odors and promotes freshness by rinsing away contaminants without harmful chemicals.


Supports the freshness and quality of meat by reducing contaminants and associated risks like food borne illness.

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