iClean mini Starter Kit

Introducing tersano’s all-new iClean mini Starter Kit. The iClean mini Starter Kit bundles three amazing products in one, helping you jumpstart your new and improved home cleaning supersystem at an incredible value.

What's In The Kit:

· iClean mini
· Charge Cable
· 4-Pack iClean mini Cartridges
· 10-Pack Multi-Purpose Microfiber Cloth


The Cleaning Supersystem

iClean® mini

The iClean mini is your supersystem’s superhero, harnessing the power of technology to turn ordinary tap water into an all-purpose natural cleaner on the spot. iClean mini replaces
all your everyday cleaning chemicals, saving you time, money, and space with one mini, yet mighty device.


4-Pack iClean® mini Cartridges

tersano’s patented cartridges filter tap water to maximize the iClean mini’s cleaning performance while protecting its delicate diamond technology. One iClean mini cartridge can be used for up to three months, with each 4-Pack supplying the mini for up to one year.


10-Pack Multi-Purpose Microfiber Cloths

Nordic Swan-certified tersano Microfiber Cloths are a proven, powerful, planet-friendly cleaning tool designed to complement and enhance the iClean mini’s cleaning performance. Machine washable and effective for over 500 washes, tersano Microfiber Cloths provide unstoppable cleaning performance and are available in three colors: blue, red, and green.


The iClean mini Starter Kit effectively replaces:

· Windex on Glass
· Weiman on Stainless Steel
· Dawn on Kitchen Surfaces
· Mr. Clean on Floors
· Scrubbing Bubbles on Soap Scum
· Clorox on Toilet Bowls
· Febreze on Odors

All without the Harsh Chemicals:

Clean Home, Clean Planet

Replacing multiple cleaning products with the iClean mini Starter Kit keeps thousands of plastic bottles and paper towel products out of the environment for a cleaner home and planet:

Get Started with the iClean mini Starter Kit