Multipurpose Descaler

PRObowl is a fast, effective, and powerful multi-purpose descaler that easily removes the toughest calcium, hard water, lime, mineral and soap scum build-up that other products just can’t touch.

Specially formulated for professionals, PRObowl is a dream cleaner/descaler that makes every job easier.

Ready to use right from the container.

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Apply PRObowl around the toilet bowl and under the rim.


Leave for several minutes, then brush and rinse with cool water. Do not allow product to dry on the surface.

Not for use on marble or any surface susceptible to etching. Do not get in eyes, on skin or on clothing. Avoid contamination by any source including dusts, metals and organic materials. Store in a closed container. Separate from incompatible materials. Comply with all applicable health and safety regulations, fire and building codes.

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Removes your most stubborn build up.

Hard water, minerals and soap scum don’t stand a chance.

PRObowl compliments your daily SAO routine.

When SAO can’t do it, turn to PRObowl. It’s a problem solver for tricky situations.

It’s more than a bowl cleaner.

PRObowl is excellent for use in bathrooms, locker rooms, gym showers, spas. Try it on showerheads, ceramic tile, glass, shower doors, bathtubs, toilet bowls, urinals, sinks and steam rooms.

Covered by the best. Trusted by the rest.